Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, things are much better at my house, but I won't gloat as too many friends are STILL without power. I have many thankyou's to give out tho, to all the wonderful friends who offered help in the comments and also in e-mail. You guys are amazing! When leaving Gloucester, I got a small generator from my father to hook up to the furnace so Jim could have a better time heating the house fo rthe pipes and kitties,upbut exhaustion took it's toll and he had "issues" hooking it up and waited 'til the next day for help. A good friend came by the next day (Tuesday) to assess the situation and they managed to work out the electrics. Then, the fabulous blogless KellyR contacted me after the last post with an offer of a HUGE generator that she and her hubs brought up that was able to power nearly the entire house, so the kids and I came home Tuesday night. Internet and cable were intermittent, but who cares! We had heat and lights. No laundry, tho, so I spent the entire night at my sis-in-laws (she is away on vacation) doing laundry, dozing off on the couch between buzzers. Power was (of course) restored to our house Thursday morning and we have since returned the generator to Kelly in case we have more outages in the area since we now have a snow storm, with a nasty Nor'easter on its way on Sunday evening. The kids have not had school all week, and Monday and Tuesday are doubtful. We are slated to host Christmas dinner here at my house, but that is somewhat in jeapardy as my mom doesn't want to travel in the snow predicted for Christmas day. Such is life in New England. I also think I may bodily remove my friends and her children from their home if she does not get heat within the next few days. ENOUGH!
Good news? (Other than that I have electricity!) Jacob seems to be over his bout of ickiness. No pain for over a week now and we seems to be "in the clear." My Christmas shopping is nearly done (as is my bank account...ugh) and Christmas knitting is flying along, being left with little else to do. Both hats for my niece and nephew were completed and already gifted, my MIL's mitts are done -- even blocked with thumbs! -- the larger Kauni poncho for other niece #1 is done, and the oncho for the 2 year old is under way. Fair Isle stocking #1 1/2 done and moving along quite quickly. I'm debating casting on for the MArs scarf for my FIL I've swatched and feel I can get gauge with some nice stash yarn (although I don't like having to figure gauge in 2x2 rib. How much should you stretch it out?) but I just don't know if it can be done by Christmas eve. I'm going to cast on today and see how far I get and determine from there. I'll try to get caught up on pics soon, although I was a dork and forgot to photo the nephew's flame hat before he ran off to Ireland with it. Hopefully, he won't loose it on the plane and I can snap a modeled pic when he returns.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Things are not going well.

And I'm not talking about the Christmas knitting -- that is moving along surprisingly well. Life, on the other hand, is throwing us far too many curve balls. Firatly, we have been dealing with some minor/major gastrointestinal issues with my poor little boy. Not an uncommon problem, apparently, but it has occupied many days of doctors appointments, ER runs, x-rays and days home from school and activities while we, umm, try to "clear up" the problem and keep his pain at bay. While in the midst of this, NH was hit with a major ice storm and my town is sadly one of the worst hit, with 95% of the town losing power on Thursday, with 60% still out as of Monday morning. The kids, dogs, and I have been vagabonds living on the good graces of friends and family since Friday while hubby does what he can (safely) to keep our pipes (and cats and rabbit) from freezing running a small propane heater at monitored intervals. He has been sleeping in a 47-55 degree house. LAst night while watching the news I saw footage of a National Guardsman warnigna Derry woman that it may be as long as 2 weeks before power is restored. Enough is enough! I am going to do my best to convince him to drain the pipes while I find temporary homes for the animals.
As one I'm sure can imagine, this also means a stand-still with dyeing. I'm very frustrated as I have a large order I had planned to get out the door by Christmas. At this point, I'm just hoping to be home by then.
Sorry for the downer post, but we can use all the good thoughts you can send our way. My heart goes out to all those WITHOUT a warm bed to sleep in.