Friday, January 19, 2007

My First FO of 2007 and a new blogdesign

YAY! I didn't get everything done that I had hoped while homebound due to ice, but I did get Jason's helmet liner done! It is pictured above with Gigi's crocheted version, the first I have received form my fellow yarn-workers. Rachel is modeling it below.
This was a very easy and quick knit, and took just over one ball of Moda Dea Washable Wool (which I will later dye to a more appropriate color). I bought three balls and will definately knit another before time is up. I have only great things to say about this yarn, too. It has a really interesting cabled construction, good twist, and is very soft. Definately a win, and I got it on sale.

You may have noticed the new blog design. Yeah, about that. I was attempting to put a list of th Helmet Liner folks on my old blog template, clicked something wrong, didn't know it, saved it, and VOOM. Template gone! So, I got y first lesson in the new blogger design and yes, it is much easier (I just hadn't PLANNED on doing this yet.) I like the new look, tho, and would love to know what you think.
The sample sock is about 1/2 an inch from the toe decrease, and then I'll go back to Rachel's socks before I finish the pair. Single socks don't count as FO's, do they? May seem weird, but switching from pair to pair keeps me from getting bored with my socks, esp. these very basic types. At least there is variety in color.
I also did get my fabric cut for sock bags, and hope to carve out some sewing time this weekend, Monday for certain if nothing else, and did a bit of fiber dyeing for the shop. I also recieved my order from Diva Knitting yesterday, and I have to tell you, Cheryl ROCKS. She had a noticed posted on the site that she was on vacation and orders wouldn't be mailed until Jan. 16th -- but I got notice that it was being mailed on the 15th! And it got here Wednesday, with extra goodies! Really, she has the best customer service and is a great friendly lady, too. AND her prices rock. Give her a look-see, will ya?


Sarah said...

Just wanted to let you know that I received my skein of Breakfast at Tiffany's - I love it. I even put it in my blog post this morning. Thanks again!

Nora said...

Heh, I know what you mean about VOOM, template gone! The new look is great though.

(I'm still working on my helmet liner - hope I finish in time.)

Nichole said...

The new look is great - very fresh and "clean" looking. Rachel is such a cute model! :)

YogaGardenGirl said...

Love the new look, too! The helmet liners are incredible!

Jackie said...

Love the liners (gorgeous model too!) and I love the new look.