Thursday, March 22, 2007

oh, Babe-y!

Oh, yeah, we're really rockin' now. This, my friends, is my new best friend -- my FOUR SKEIN ELECTRIC SKEIN WINDER from Babe's fiber garden. THIS will make production much faster and a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Since I don't have to dread winding yarn any longer, I can really enjoy what I love -- playing with color! I presently have a ton of merino/tencel and merino/nylon to wind, and a bunch of Falkland and sport skeins, so I am going to be a dyeing fiend. Plus, the awesome Kendra cranked out a bunch of bags that I'll be listing soon. She is even designing some great totes of her own now that I can't wait to put on the Sereknity site -- problem? (other than the unfinished site??) She needs a company name now! Any suggestions?? She's kinda a glam, high fashion sense sort of gal and often goes by Kay. There you have it -- the perfect name please!! lol
As for my site, the fabulous Chris, of guest writing fame at Armed with Pointy Sticks, has pledged to aide me in my hopelessly inept attempts to figure out the whole payment-processing THING at the site, my only real obstacle to getting it up and running. (That and a lack of yarn must. dye. yarn.) Keep your fingers crossed!
Speaking of yarn, I kettle-dyed some of the most GORGEOUS colors this week! Lilacs, aqua blues, and fun green called Martian, pink and yellow lemonade...mmmm. But no pics -- why? Took them to knitting practice, and of the 11 skein I brought, I came home w/ one. One! lol I'll be heating up the pot again tomorrow, and hope to have some for etsy by Sunday. And then you can buy and download Gina's awesome head-band patterns from her site (I already did!) and make something fun to welcome in spring.
As for knitting news, I have one FO to report this week. No not the Big Ball sweater, although I have finished the body decreases and am now working on it exclusively. I put it down for a few days to finish another commitment...TRA-LA-LA!
Captain Underpants!

(pattern here) Makes for one happy little girl (and a little boy who now wants one as well). This was fairly fun and quick to knit, but don't try it while chatting with other moms at karate. NOT good for shaping. The only mods I made were to knit the arms and legs with 12 stitches instead of 8. I found 8 to be very fiddly on dpns. Mine was knit entirely of Lion Brand Wool-ease, and I should have enough for Cpt U #2.


Gigi said...

Congrats on the skein winder! What a terrific tool. I LOVE the Captain Underpants (and the smile, priceless).

Anonymous said...

Captain Underpants is too cute!

Amanda1 said...

#1,286,747 on list of things to do:
Knit Captain Underpants!

Jackie said...

Yowza! That's some skein winder. I love Captain Undies, you did a great job. I'll bookmark that for when mine are reading him.

Nichole said...

Captain Underpants is adorable and your skein winder looks like heaven sent! Congrats!
As for a name, what about Kay's Baggage, From Kay To Chic or Simply Kay?

Yarnartist said...

Here's my suggestion for Kay's company name:
Cool winder!

Kendra said...

Captain Underpants is fabulous! lol He came out great! Cute company names so far....can't decide!! :)

YogaGardenGirl said...


Amanda1 said...


Great write up about you on the blog for One Planet Yarn & Fiber!