Thursday, August 31, 2006

...and the dyeing continues...

Well, I went to knitting group last night, and I almost sold out of yarn! How's that for an ego boost? The lovely and exuberant Gina purchased the Goody Gumdrops, as requested before it was even dried and skeined and then snatched up the Back Shore colorway.

Before she made it to the table, however, the fabulously sexy Amanda confiscated the red "Rock Lobster" colorway and promptly STUCK IT IN HER CLEAVAGE. The cleavage hug, for those who may be knew to the concept, is truly the greatest compliment given to any yarn by the Manchvegas knitters. I was humbled. It is, apparently, also good enough to eat.

So today, what to do? Dye more yarn! I had to make some more Goody Gumdrops (we'll see if this batch makes it to the Etsy shop), this time in sport weight. We also have (in order of appearance) What else? Watermelon, Sex on the Beach, and Gothic Rose. I also dyed up another huge skein of wool/nylon in the Gothic Rose colorway. It came out much lighter on this skein. We'll see how it dries and knits up. Personally, I think it will be a gorgeous choice for a shawl. I just may have to make one after all.

So that's it for now. I have pretty much decided that I will be working on products on a weekly basis -- this week was dyeing, next week I will sew, needles after that and so on and so forth. I'm hoping to stay on track that way and maybe -- just maybe -- get somewhat organized. yeah, here's hoping.


Nichole said...

GORGEOUS colors!!!!!!!! I am jealous that Gina scooped up the Backshore colorway. :(
Sewing next week? Would that include a lovely doggy needle holder? hee hee
See you Wed at Joanne's?

YogaGardenGirl said...

I LOVE that picture of Amanda....super! All of your yarns are coming out so beautiful. I'm as jealous as can be....but that certainly won't stop me from buying more of your yarn...k?