Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Much fiber content and many pictures

During the week of the monstrous server crash, my family and I were away camping with two of Hubby's work buddies and their families. Yes, more camping. I do love it, but I soooo need to be home! Only two more short trips planned, and then we'll winterize the old girl. Hallelujia. One delightful realization of the trip was the young knitters! The 12 and 11 year old daughters of each family were knitters! We soon had quite a cozy little clatch going around the campfire to be joined by more potential knitters as the week wore on including...my little Ladybug!

Doesn't she look like a natural? Don't get your hopes up -- she hasn't touched it since.

Also to be found around the fire would be the everpresent BBS#2 (that would be "Big Black Sock #2").

I have now gotten 1/2 way through the heel flap and hope to have it and it's counterpart mailed out to Socks for Soldiers by next week. Even with the 23 inches of solid black(mens size 10), these socks have been a joy to knit and the group is a blessing. The yarn -- Louet Gems Opal -- is luscious and I am really able to zone out on the stockinette. I encourage everyone to join this group -- you are really doing something nice for a soldier and the men and women int he group are just wonderful!

Now, as promised, some pictures of yesterdays dyeing -- I am not too thrilled with the Backshore self-stripe -- the sand color isn't right and def. too dark, and my grey was contaminated with drk. blue. Nice effect, but not what I was going for.
Not real sure what i am going to do w/ it -- sell or keep for me. I have to weigh it and/or measure the yardage, too -- I think I am shy of the desired 4oz. Now the Goody Gumdrops colorway, on the otherhand, is AWESOME.
Vibrant, bright, and oh so yummy. It is at least 4oz, maybe more, and I can't wait 'til it is dry so I can see it skeined up. I also kettle dyed a HUGE skein of wool/nylon yarn in a deep cataloupe color. This is an interesting yarn -- the nylon thead is woven in and resists the dye, giving it a slightly heathery look with great stretch and memory.
It is between a fingering and lace weight, and I'm going to try a small sock before I decide if I like it enough to sell it. My last skein was a double skein of a gorgeous bright red/magenta/orange/purple.
I have no clue what to call it yet. I was thinking maybe Raging Ruby? And suggestions are welcome! I don't know if I'm going to put both skeins of this up for sale, or keep one for myself! I love it!
I have also finally attempted to cast on two socks at once using the magic loop technique. I think I really like it -- I just have to figure out how to keep from tangling the yarn, esp. everytime I put it down! These will be Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces Black Purl.


YogaGardenGirl said...

Love the pics...your yarns are gorgeous...and if it's for sale, I WANT THE GOOEY GUMDROPS!!!! Don't care how much it is...I LOVE IT!!!!

Jackie said...

All I can say is wow. I mean, wow those yarns are gorgeous. I cannot get over the goody gumdrops.

The girls are adorable. I love little knitters.

Nichole said...

AWESOME yarns!!! One of these days I gotta get over there and see how this all works, lol.
Great job on the BBS!
Rachel looks ADORABLE and so in to it - maybe she just needs an audience??

YarnB said...

I love the red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go look at your shop now.... All very pretty!