Sunday, October 28, 2007

When good gloves (and socks) go bad

So, I did quite a bit of work this week (see the shop for updates) and I wore gloves, I swear,
but apparently they had holes. le sigh
I came up with a few more new colorways, and dyed up a few old favorites. First is Cowboy (already sold out!)

and Deep Forest (I love this one).

I also tried a new experiment with some lovely South African Fine roving -- Perfect Pairs. I took a semi-solid length of roving and paired it with a handpainted length containing the same color to sell as a duo. And of course, I picked my favorite colorway -- Pomegranate.

(There's only one of these pairings left, so grab it if you can!) I think this is something I'll definitely try this again. This roving is fabulous, soft, and very reasonably priced as well. I can't wait to spin some of this up for myself. But what colors?? Oh, the decisions....
On the knitting front, I still LOVE the Cowgirl sock -- she is beautiful, BUT I am struggling a bit with the pattern.

From my view, the pattern omits some helpful directions (such as stitch counts and "you should be here now" info)and for some very strange reason, although I am following the pattern verbatim, I am getting weird nubbins on my sock...

and ended up with awful holes where there should be no holes after my short row heel.

I am persisting, tho, as the still looks pretty nice on, but this may be the first sock I actually block (darn nubbins). Although I have knit a total of 7 short row sections, for some reason I can't do number eight right!! I have ripped it back 3 times now. No more knitting during the ball game, dozing off sitting up or knitting with screaming kids around. It, and I, am in a time out for today.


Manise said...

For a split second I thought the blue was a hideous bruise on your fingers- glad it's not. Sorry about the leaky gloves though. Hope someone out there has an idea about the sock and the nubbins. Nice new stuff you've posted in the shop!

Cayli said...

Love the colors of the cowboy yarn.

I know what you mean about falling asleep knitting. I had to rip back half a row of my Secret Stole as I must of dosed off but still knit the row. Truly scary.

Nichole said...

Pomegrante is beautiful! I'll have to grab me a skein - is there some at Yarn & Fiber?
The socks still look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love the Pomegranate Perfect Pair!

Sometimes you just have to put your knitting in time out until it learns to behave itself (I do think it's looking beautiful, though).

Gigi said...

Despite some wierdness, I still LOVE the way the color moves across these socks!

So sorry about your colorful fingers, but not about your lovely yarn!!! =-D

Jackie said...

I can see why the cowboy sold out; it's gorgeous.

LMardenNH said...

ME likee!!!!

Sonya said...

Wonderful colors! Some knitting just has to have our complete and undivided attention.

Lora said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I like cowboy too!! ROUND EM UP and dye some more!!
OK done with the sorry puns. LMAO!

SleepyEyes said...

Beautiful new colorways! And the Perfect Pairs fiber is a great idea! So pretty!

The sock is coming out fantastic...I wonder what's up with the pattern? The cowgirl colorway is one of my favs.

Have you tried fresh lemon juice and baking soda for your fingers?