Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm a very. very. bad girl.

Ummm...I recall last post mentioning that I had slightly fallen off the no-yarn-buying wagon and was mostly resisting casting on new projects. Remember that? Yeah, not so much, anymore.
First, I went to the JCA warehouse sale in Townsend, MA. And may I say, considering the offerings, I showed amazing -- AMAZING -- restraint. AND I went in with a list! No willy nilly stashing for me! Well, not totally willy nilly. I got two bags of Jo Sharp Silk Road Ultra in a gorgeous brown to make the Irresistible cables sweater by Cecily Glowick from Cast On Nov2007/Jan2008 (listed on Ravelry as Cable and Lace Pullover) that I have been dying to knit, and just waiting for the perfect yarn (I can't believe no on else on Ravelry has knit this!); 2 bags of Adrienne Vitadini Natasha in a pale, pale celery that will either be Wisteria or Sunrise Circle Jacket, a bag of Fragrance in the most be-a-utiful teal that may become Slanted Neck Pullover (yeah, Kate is kinda my go-to-gal, her and Norah G.!), and lastly 4 kit bags of Lopi that had 3 skeins each for $7 that I will use to make the Drops Jacket 103-1. Yes, I went with my list of projects and yarn requirements. But, well, Sunrise, Wisteria, and the Slanted neck weren't on it - but they are in my queue!
And even tho I have cast on my sleeves for Eastlake (this is for knitting at the shop), and Jacob's sweater (easy, mindless karate and soccer knitting, getting close to the divide for the sleeves), and I have started Jim's scarf in an abbreviated version of Kinetic (this one is kicking my ass for no good reason. Time out!), and I have numerous mittens and such to finish from LAST year, I cast on my cable and lace sweater.

I am almost at the point of starting the yoked ribbing, which means putting the rest on hold while I knit the sleeves. I'm debating a provisional cast on for the sleeve openings, and knitting them down, but we'll see. That decision will be made tonight, as I only have one more cable repeat to go. I LOVE this sweater, the pattern, the yarn -- everything. I have made a few minor modifications and am hoping I have judged my gauge properly. The Silk Road Ultra knits up to 12 stitches over 4" on size 10.5US needles and I decided to run with that rather than try to get gauge on smaller needles so as not to sacrifice the feel of the fabric. I am knitting in the round, rather than flat, eliminated 2 edge stitches each side on both the front and back since there will be no seams and am knitting the smallest size. If my math and gauge -- and estimation of what size I truly am -- are all on target, I'll be happily wearing this sweater by next week. YAY!
Now to go sit in the corner for being so bad. But I'm taking my knitting with me.


Katy said...

Lmao! I love your sense of humour. Absolutely gorgeous. Be proud, bad girl. =P "But I'm bringing my knitting with me." Wow, You should like, compile this into a book. XD

yarnophiliac said...

Thanks, Katy! And welcome (crap, I feel like I should say something witty...)

Jessica said...

This Katy as her logged in account, by the way. I have the most sexy scarf I crocheted the other day, and I've just been procrastinating fixing the poor ol' thing. Oh, how it needs help - I look amusingly funky whenever I wear it. Cracks me up...

And lmao, don't we all.

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