Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phyllo finished!

I finished my sweater and I am in love. I don't know whether I love my sweater or Norah more. Genius! But, you all knew that. I wanted a more fitted sweater than the original pictured version (the pattern is from Norah's inspiring book, Knitting Nature) so I knit the smallest size (I am a 38 inch bust) and the resulting sweater has just the look I was going for. It skims the body very nicely without being either tight or baggy. It also came out to be the perfect length for me. I normally add an inch or two to everything I knit to elongate my rather short waist, but I only added about 1/2 of an inch on this knit. I did knit it in the round, and fretted greatly over the front shaping, wondering why Norah would want a decrease across the bust (it isn't actually -- it was just under the bust and does create a nice shape). I decided to trust the master and go with it -- so glad I did) and if my mods for doing this in the round were done properly, but it came out just right in the end. What a quick and easy knit. I did knit the arm sections first and am so very glad I did. Once done with the very long and mindless portion of stockinette for hte body, I had only to join the sleeves and begin the yoke -- I think if I had to knit the sleeves after the body, I may have severely stalled out.
So, here it is -- photos courtesy of DonnaH -- thank you!

I used just under 10 balls of Cascade Pima Tencel -- 10 balls! I had greatly feared running out, and had 3 shipped to me by a wonderful Raveler in Canada who had the same dye lot, but turns out I needn't have feared. I do love this yarn, tho, and will certainly find a use for the remaining three. Perhaps a shrug for Rachel. She likes purple. My only critique of he yarn is that it does shed -- a lot. But, I haven't washed it yet (bad knitter) and I'm hopping the first wash will solve a lot of that.
finishing a sweater always leads me to a grand mal case of startitis, and while I have SOMEWHAT resisted the call of the needles, my queue (and stash) have grown. I did cast on a sweater jacket for Jacob out of some Lion Wool that has been languishing in the stash for this purpose.

Jacob LOVES yellow, so when I saw this wool, and the Jacob-approved companion colors, on clearance at my local W-big-you-know-who-store, I grabbed it. My search for the perfect pattern to fit the insanity in my head cannot be found, so I'll be designing this one myself. Nothing earth shattering, really -- a top-down raglan zip-hoodie, but the differences will be in the details. I may want to submit it somewhere if I am happy with the results, so pictures will be scarce.
Also cast on was the incredibly gorgeous Eastlake sweater from Norah's Norah Gaughan Vol. 3 in the very un-original (for this knitter) choice of yarn and color as that of the original pictured sweater.
I NEVER do that. But, well, Norah knows best, and the marriage of design, fiber, and color just couldn't be beat. HAD to have. I am knitting the sleeves first onthis one as well, as much to be as swatches as anything, but I do like getting the sleeves out of the way. (I did some swatching already, so fear not, but I'll double check after washing the sleeves, I appear to be right on pre-washing, and that is just where I want to be for this one, given the size I am knitting). I bought all at the Yarn and Fiber Co and that will be my in-store knitting. I really had a hard time deciding whether or not to cast this on first or Alison Green Will's Jaali from Twist (for which I have the MOST scrumptious Stacy Charles Dynasty in an amazing wine color, purchased at Sit N' Knit in CT), but Eastlake won out for now, but I have a feeling I just might end up with the two going at once. Of course, I also have that scarf I need to knit for the hubby...and we won't discuss the socks.
In other news, there has been a major update over at the etsy shop -- and I stil have more and yarn to list, so be sure to check it out! I do have multiple quantities of most items, so be sure to PM me if you need more for your project.


Anonymous said...

Your sweater is beautiful and looks perfect on you!

Jackie said...

Wow, you have a lot going on there girlie! Love the sweater, it looks perfect on.