Tuesday, October 24, 2006

...and she even knits!

Finally! A finished object! After they were MIA for a few days (I had hurriedly stashed them in a closet while tidying for a family gathering and couldn't remember where in the world I had put them), I finally got down to finishing a pair of Smocked Gauntlets knit in 75% angora...mmmmm. They are so soft and comfy! Sadly, the fuzzy nature of the yarn somewhat obscures the stitch detail, but I like them just the same.

Also on the needles are the Haiku Flower socks designed by Gina for Black Pearl Yarns and the soon-to-open One Planet Yarn Store. Since she has been such a wonderful help to me in checking my patterns for errata, I agreed to "test knit" her pattern as well, and I am having NO PROBLEM whatsoever. Very well written, and it is actually a quick knit (I just happen to be slow at knitting them. Sorry, Gina!) Once this post is done, I plan to pick them back up and hope to get through the gussets at least. As cashmere was not in the budget and I want to be able to wear these socks frequently, I opted to knit them from Skacel Ecco in this fabulous eggplant color. I am quite pleased with how it is working up, and doesn't my new camera show the stitch detail nicely?

Finally, a little peek at the next design for Sereknity Knits patterns -- a hat for Rachel. Another for Jacob is also in work on paper. Rachel's is being done in Lang yarns Tosca -- a 50/50 wool/acrylic. Not super thrilled w/ the feel of the yarn while knitting (I swear I can feel the acrylic! OMG -- I am such a yarn snob. What happened to me??) but I think it will still be a soft hat and not itchy -- prime importance on a childs hat. I'd like to try a version of this with merino/silk and glass or swarovski beads, w/ a matching scarf. Maybe a kit? Have to the sock kits done first though, don't you think? That's the problem, the mind is always goign faster than my poor little hjands can keep up with! Anyway, here's Rachel's hat (lovely colors in this yarn, btw) after the picot edge and one and 1/2 stitch pattern repeats.


Nichole said...

LOVE the gauntlets in the Louisa Harding yarn! GORGEOUS! Gina's sock pattern is knitting up fabulous too -- I absolutely love that color! Can't wait to see Rachel's hat... and YES, you need to get those sock kits posted!!! :) Oh yea, I'm going to need a spindle bag too... don't you just love me? :-)

YogaGardenGirl said...

Oh, I love the picot edge on Rachel's hat! And the angora gauntlets...YUM! Thank you so, so much for knitting up my socks...they look lovely in that Ecco yarn...and that color...just perfect. You're so wonderful! BTW...are you bringing goodies tonight???

YarnB said...

Oh my gosh....the pattern in that eggplant color is just gorgeous! That is one of my favorite colors by the way!! Is your stuff on the way? I can't wait!