Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Freyburg, fiber, feet, and fingers

This past weekend brought about our last camping trip for 2006. We went back to our favorite place -- Four Seasons Camp Ground in Naples, Maine -- and from there spent Friday at the Freyburg Fair. What an amazing fair this is. IT IS HUGE. We spent six hours there (the we being myself, hubby, kids, and Amy, her hubby and 3 kids) and still didn't get to see everything. What we did see, however, was fabulous. Tons and TONS of animals -- oxen that towered over my six foot hubby, cattle of all breeds, goats, of which one almost found a new home with Amy and family, rabbits -- all of which I loved, although I desperately pine for an angora (JIm thinks they are homely. no taste.) And sheep. barn after barn filled with lovely sheep. OMG, are they the sweetest?? Sadly, my camera batteries were dying so I only managed to snap a few pictures. Seen here are a few, including some Jacob sheep.

We also came across a live demonstration of an old-fashioned still working smithy on premesis. Chris, of Manchvegas and Armed w/ Ponity sticks fame, and I recently discovered a common fascination with the blacksmithing trade, so this pic was for him. Yes, another media to be conquered!

I then found my way to the FIber Center. ahhhhhhhhhhhh Awesome. There was tons of fiber to be had, many many folk crafting, knitting and spinning away. My main aim was to make a connection with Beth of Acers Acres, as we have been discussing procurement of her yarns for sale on the Sereknity web-site. In addition, I am going to be heading to her farm with Gina for her annual Open House, where we can sit, knit, spin, tour the bunny barn, and learn all there is to know about these fabulous creatures and their fiber. I came away from her booth with some lovely angore/wool lend roving. Not a clue what I am going to do with it just yet, but it was a must have. The picture doesn't really show it, but the bright blue fiber is blended with a deep lavender purple. I can't wait to spin it. Also procurred from the center was the amazingly soft and fluffy cinnamon brown llama fiber -- 4.5 oz. -- that will become a scarf for hubby. My one disappointment with the fiber center was the lack of spinning equipment. there was none being sold that I could find. There were bags upon bags of raw fleece, but no cards to be bought, no bobbins, spindles or wheels. Had there been cards, I very likely would have been tempted to purchase the raw fleece. Maybe next year.

Also pictured with my newly purchased rovings is a batt of superwash merino, gifted to me by Gina and hand dyed by me. See any resemblance?

I can't possibly hope to compete with the beauty of nature, but I have no problem taking inspiration from it. I am dying to see how it spins up; I plan to spin this nice and fine for socks.

From there, we have another bit of fiber hand-dyed by me (4oz.) to be listed in the Etsy shop in the Vineyard colorway. I hope whoever purchases it will be willing to send a pic of it spun. I think it will be gorgeous. I have 20 oz. of a local Corriedale to dye, and a lb. pf BFL and a Lb of Border Leicester/Mohair blend on the way for dyeing as well. I'm def. going to have to save some for me. I recently spun a BL/MO blend to make Jacob's mittens and I absolutely loved it.

Now, for feet and fingers -- The RibZagger sock is finally done!! YAY! I plan to post the pattern tomorrow.

What a comfy sock. I am very pleased with the outcome. I also, prompted by 50 degree mornings at camp, cast-on for a pair of Smocked Gauntlets, these in Louisa Harding Angora (75%angora, 20%wool, 5%nylon) in the most beautiful colorway that I picked up at Knit Wit in Portland, ME.
This is so amazingly soft, I can't wait to have them done. The one problem I am having are the ladders -- I am using Magic loop to knit two at a time, but I wonder if the problem is more the yarn than the technique. I am not experiencing the same problem with my Jaywalkers (wool) and I wonder if it is because angora lacks the elasticity that wool has. Thankfully, the fuzziness and the varigated colorway camoflage the laddering well enough that it shouldn't bother me when I wear them.

Until tomorrow!...


Nichole said...

Gorgeous, yummy fibers and colorways! I can't wait to see some in person.
Also LOVE the Louisa Harding you picked for the gauntlets!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous fibers!!!!