Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ARG! ...tagged

Hmm. Not sure how I feel about this. I like being one of the "cool kids" as much as the next, but I also tend to avoid things like those e-mails that people send asking 50 questions about what type of TV you watch, or what color you would use to describe yourself, or who was your first kiss. But this one is kinda fun, although I have been having some trouble coming up w/ answers. (My husband, of course, has a long list for me.) Gina tagged me for the "5 things that are Weird about me" meme.
1. I am addicted to crime shows of every kind -- drama and reality. CSI, CSI:miami, LAw and Order, L&O:SVU, Forensic Files, the New Investigators, Body of Evidence, etc, etc.
2. I am probably the only female in America who doesn't give a crap who the next American Idol is, or the Next Top Model, what B-actor is the best amateur dancer, or who is most capable of surviving a completely contrived torture filled month on a remote island. Ick.
3. Some of my friends get the "baby itch". Me, I get kitten itches. Must. Have. Kitten. (I am entirely content w/ my children -- guess they don't leave me wanting!)
4. I love cereal and milk -- any and all kinds. I basically live off it. Morning, lunch, dinner, doesn't matter. Love it. Oh, and I like cold spaghettios right out of the can. hmmm. might go get some right now!
5. I consider the shower a sacred place. This is my haven. EVERYONE knows to leave me ALONE in the shower. It is the only completely private place I have. No noise but the rushing water, hot and soothing. I swear, I think this is the closest I get to meditation.
Of course, to all of my non-fiber friends, the knitting, spinning, fiber-obsession is the weirdest thing, but then I think they are weird for NOT appreciating the art, so hey! I guess weird is a bit subjective. I'm going to pray I don't get shot for this and tag Nora, Holly, Rachel, Jessie, and Chris at Ericka's blog. Have fun folks! If I had to do it you do too!!


Nora said...

Ooooh thanks for tagging me - and considering this is my SECOND tag (yep) I'll do the meme after Xmas - PROMISE! x

jessie said...

I have no time for this meme-ness! You are the second person to tag me so I may get around to it soon. But so far, no one who has done it has shared anything that weird. (I don't watch any survivor-type shows either.)

You're keeping all the best weird stuff to yourself, aren't you?

yarnophiliac said...

That's it -- that's the LAST time I tag anyone. Sorry ladies!
(and seriously -- I'm just not that interesting...)

Anonymous said...

I just want to assure you that you are NOT alone in #2.Who's going to be the next American Idol? WHO CARES?!?!?! The same answer can be proclaimed to every other one of those shows you mentioned in your #2 answer.

I'm just so happy to know there's at least one other female out there who feels the same way.

Hollyeqq said...

Hmmmm - payback is HELL!

Your poor bunny is neked! Have you spun up his hair yet? I would be tripping over myself to get to the wheel!

Happy Hollydays