Friday, December 22, 2006

A Few Christmas FOs

Still much knitting to do, so this is going to be short, but I thought I would share some of my latest FOs as I was quite pleased with them. First is a boho inspired bag I made for the gift swap for my knitting guild organized by Joanne of a Knitter's Garden in Chester -- who got the bag, and loved it! I found this fabric ages ago and bought it without a plan but I just loved it and had to have it. There is still plenty left for a few more bags, too, so I will certainly be duplicating this one.

Next are the Fetching Mitts made out of a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino knock-off I knitted and gifted to Rachel's bus-driver (thank you, Jackie, for that great idea!). They came out nicely, exceot I have a real issue with holes where stitches are picked-up around the thumb. I finally settled on a Grumperina-type method of picking up stitches from the knitted piece, rather than out of the working yarn, and then knitting these through the back loop to twist. Any remaining gaps I cleaned up when weaving in the ends. I'm so picky about holes.

And lastly is the tote I made for Rachel's teacher. I soooo love this bag! Dying to make another. It was pretty easy, too, but unfortunately, I broke a needle and in doing so somehow threw the mechanisms in my machine out of whack (yes, technical term), and it crapped out on me (another technical term -- aren't I just brilliant?). Luckily, I had kept my old work-horse basic machine for Rachel to use, so I dug that out and was able to finish the project. Rachel said her teacher loved it, so all is good. This was another fabric from the stash, and thankfully I always buy plenty, so I can get another one out of this as well.

So that's it! Let's see, two more pair of smocked gauntlets left (one of four mitts knit), a "secret" project to be sewn together, two pair of Fetching, and two scarves -- and none of the last four have even been started!! A few people on my list will be getting belated gifts, don't you think? sigh.


jessie said...

Great bags! Fetching, of course, are always a winner.

Kendra said...

Oooooo preeetty....the boho bag is awesome :)

Gigi said...

The mitts and your nails look great! Good luck finishing all the holiday gifts!

Nichole said...

Good luck with your xmas knitting! I gave up on most of mine, which'll turn in to birthday gifts throughout the year. The boho bag was FAB and I can't wait for mine as soon as you get your machine going again (yes, that's my official "reminder" on my order - along with a skein of 3 Scoops please... lol). Have a wonderful Christmas!

YogaGardenGirl said...

All so beautiful!