Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WTF Wednesday

I have just been a blogging fool lately, now haven't I? Well, I wish I could post my fix to the MS3 shawl, but I thought I would block it on the needles first so I could see better. Lace in it's -inprogress state tends to be a bit murky asnyway, but add to that the unbalanced twist of a single spun yarn and it is pretty tough. So, when I reached for my bag to retrieve the't...there. AAAARRRRGGGGGG!!!! I had taken it out of my bag at my sis-in-law's when I took the kids for a swim, and didn't put it back! So, no knitting brilliance to show you today. (What a dumbass.)
Loathe to leave you, my beautiful readers, with negative vibe, however, I give you the cutest puppy on the planet. Seriously. Remember Chewie?

As I said in my last post, we have decided to adopt him. (I went back in the archives and found this. The intense resolve is really remarkable.) I totally caved. Man, he is an awesome puppy! And he loves me. :) What else was a girl to do?? The above pic was 9 weeks ago. This is him now.

Ain't he a cutie?
The only way to get the little booger to sit still long enough for any kind of photo shot is with a good chewy treat. Feet and hats were included for size reference! (Notice the paint splotches on my feet -- got primer, paint, and 1/2 the floor done yesterday, and hubby got rockin' on the ceiling. SQUEE!)


Cayli said...

That little puppy is growing up to be so cute.

Bummer about leaving the lace but it sounds like you have it back on track. Can't wait to see it. Are you using beads?

I would love to have you dye me some zephyr, I have an idea for a color.

Anonymous said...

Now there's some positive vibes! No wonder you had to keep him; he's just adorable! I just want to hug him.

Amy Boogie said...

I can't believe you kept the puppy!!! you really are a glutton for punishment. although, let me know if you get a Doberman or Shepherd puppy, he's mine. :)

Hooray for the shop/basement taking shape.

Nichole said...

Too cute! :) That first new pic makes him look like he's got double ears, lol...

I knew you'd end up keeping one sooner than later! hee hee (See, I'm NOT the only one who fails...)

NH Knitting Mama said...

He is so cute!

I'm sure in all your knitting wisdom you will figure out something to fix that lace.

Sonya said...

He is certainly very cute.
Looked like a little bear in the first photo. Nice feet. I would never show my feet in a picture.

Gigi said...

Chewie is so adorable! I love that the ruff of fur at the back of his head is still there. I was afraid it would only be puppy fur but it is hanging in there.

Congrats on the work room progress. Looking forward to pics!

SleepyEyes said...

Boy, he's gettin' big!! I can't believe you've got to start over with your shawl...breaks my heart. At least we have spinning tonight! See ya later!