Monday, September 17, 2007


and ooo how I lurv it. I was struck with the desperate need (not obsession, dear hubby, but NEED -- knitters, you understand) to cast on the Anthropologie Inspired capelet in the simply fantastic Cascade Venezia (70% merino/ 30% silk) that had been drifting about the stash since Spa earlier this year. I had bought it from a clearance bin, figuring it would make a lovely gift, if nothing else, but NO! It is mine! I just loved working with it. The result?

I elongated the pattern a bit and added a few stitches to the cast on to be sure it would fit, and not be too tight at the neck. Once I had worked through my second ball, I finished the sleeves in the 3rd, and then knit the body until I was afraid I wouldn't have enough to finish the ribbing. I needn't have worried, as I was able to double the length of ribbing, which I am glad for -- it made the back a bit more attractive than the shorter length. I did not want this ending at the largest (read as WIDEST) part of my back, so this came out a bit better. I'll have modeled shots soon, once the ends are woven and it is blocked. It is amazingly cozy and warm, and I can see it getting plenty of wear this fall.
I also did a bit of reconstruction this morning on the Boy's Wallaby that I had finished last summer. Unfortunately, I hadn't decreased the shoulders enough, so he had a major flash-dance thing going on whenever he wore it, and thusly DID NOT wear it. I ripped it back to the neckline (due to a yarn shortage, I had omitted the hood and just did a nice ribbed collar), added about 5 or six more decrease rounds, and now it really looks like a neck. I think he will be happy.

The additional bonus to doing this it that the arms should have increased in length a bit, which will be helpful a full year after it was originally knit. Kids grow fast, you know?
Last week was spent very much on the road, and doing lots of worky-worky things. Chewie and I took a drive to Springfield to the location of the "Big E" to deliver some items to the NH general store. I didn't get nearly what I wanted done to bring (some of my yarn has been on backorder, and the supplier really let me down on delivery, but I guess that's just a-day-in-the-life of a small business) but I did manage to bring a few sock bags, kits, hat kits and my favorite, Felt-your-own-soap kits with carded fiber and Down to Hearth Soap. The girls at the store were very intrigued by these and set them up on the shelf right away (see them in the photo?), so here's hoping!

I reserved a few for the Etsy shop, but I have to get some photos done before I can post. I did a little Kinnearing of Mr. Chewie on the ride down -- he's just too cute!

He wasn't all that thrilled with spending his day in the car, but better there than at home where his puppiness would have been in full unchecked force. I for one was happy for the company.


Melissa said...

awwww...he is such a cutie!!! so...ummm...*cough* am I ever gonna see those Surf's Up socks again??? :p

Anonymous said...

Chewie is soooo cute!

Nice jobe on the capelet.

Nichole said...

Can't wait to see the capelet and nice job *fixing* the boy's Wallaby!

Aren't they the best company on long rides? :)

Sonya said...

It looks great!

Hutch is a good car buddy but Starsky will drive you nuts.

Kendra said...

LOVE the capelet! So pretty :) Chewy is just adorable :) And as for the previous post: ha ha ha! Starsky and Hutch! how cute are those names??

Nora said...

He's a cutie! :)

SleepyEyes said...

Yea for the soap/felting kits! And I LOVE the caplet! I can't wait to see it on you! That color green you used for the Wallaby is wonderful. I can't believe they've discontinued the yarn.

Please check out my latest podcast, okay? Tell me what you think!

Sarah said...

Oh, he's so cute - aren't they just the best company?

Can't wait to see a modeled shot of the Anthro Caplet.

: )

Nichole said...

The capelet looks amazing on you - right down to the perfect color!

Will you make it to Joanne's this week?

Anonymous said...

riiHi! I'm your Secret Stash partner. Just stopped by to say Hi. Did you post your questionaire somewhere? I seem to have missed it. I'm secretly at if you want to email it to me.
Talk to you through the mail.