Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Why, yes, Mother, may I?

They say Necessity is the Mother of all invention, and while I did not invent this skill, I was forced -- by Mother Necessity -- to un-vent it for myself. I present, circular knitting on two needles! YAY me!

I am re-working the Rachel Hat pattern but had no dpns of the correct size to use for the decreasing crown and had to use what I own. Thankfully, knowledge of the Magic Loop technique and the use of dpns easily merge in this tecnique, and it only took me a few moments to figure out exactly how you are supposed to manipulate the needles. Is it text book? I have no clue -- didn't even google it -- but it works for me (and frankly I can't see any other way) so off I go! The pattern revisions will be completed today.

Also, finished the boys hat, but as expected, I didn't have nearly enough yarn. Luckily, I found a ball of left over singles in my basket and plied those from both ends of the center pull ball and knit it right off the bobbin. See what's left? And guess what -- he says it is "too itchy". le sigh. He loves it tho, and wants to keep trying (the boy is so gratifying to knit for -- he loves things just because mommy made them for him. I heart that boy muchly). If he just can't handle it, it actually fits me, so I will wear it, and he'll get a nice superwash merino. And of course there is always R2D2.

Once the hat is done, I'll proceed with Mitten #2 for Rachel and give this one its thumb. A bit better than the last ones, eh? I have some lovely Spunky Club Stawberry fields roving that will be a warm hat for her -- eventually -- using the same recipe as Jacob's. I'll post it in a day or two -- super simple, but sometimes having the numbers can help.


Weaver said...

You could always consider lining the hat with polar fleece to cut down the "itchy" thing. Two of mine don't notice the itchy, but one can't wear the socks that I've knit for her cause their "itchy." and she'd only three so its not like she's just playing the old "i'm allergic to wool" thing. But, most importantly, the hat and mittens are beautiful! good luck on the r2d2 hat :)

Anonymous said...

Weaver has a good idea there with lining the hat. How sweet that he loves things just because Mommy made it :-)

Jackie said...

I love that he loves it anyway because you made it. It's gorgeous too. I love the color for Rachel's mitt.

Nichole said...

He's such a GOOD boy... makes me want to knit for him! :)

Nora said...

You're a good mama! x

[There's a little parcel in the mail so keep an eye out!]

Gigi said...

All these pretty hats and mittens are making me sweat! Too soon for cold weather stuff (says the hypocrite who just finished a scarf and is working on an afghan! LOL). The Rachel hat is particularly pretty. =-D

HollyEQQ said...

*bangs hands on table and chants*
I want to see the bamboo!! I want to see the bamboo!!!

You will do it justice - try it - you will like it, I promise. Says the pusher oops I mean fiber dealer.

Those mittens are adorable.
who just was at Gina's site where you posted about the bamboo lest you think I am psychic!

Sarah said...

Great hat! I, too, am a two needle girl. How do you like them?

: )