Saturday, September 29, 2007

Secret Stash Exchange -- Hey, pal!

Well, SOMEHOW I missed the e-mail from this swap detailing my match and that the game was on, but I have all the info now, so here goes! Pal, I am glad you posted and were persistent in communicating -- I would never have known.

My questionaire:

1) When is you birthday? Aug. 16
2) How long have you been spinning? Roughly one year.
3) How long have you been blending your fibers? Since NH Sheep and Wool this year, when I got my Schact Petite Drum Carder
4) What types of blends do you like to make and spin? ANYTHING, but esp. something textured with silk, that makes interesting singles
5) What types of fibers do you NOT like? Are you allergic to any kinds of fiber? I have yet to meet a fiber that I don't like - no allegies, thank goodness
6) What are your favorite colors? I'm pretty easy to please here -- I have a hefty love of reds and warm clors, but am equally drawn to cool blues and purples -- and natural colors straight from the animal? amazing. Pretty much, I love 'em all.
7) What are you least favorite colors? none -- but I can't wear yellows, even tho I love them for themselves
8) What type of yarns do you like to spin? (singles, plied, novelty, fingering, bulky, ect.) I mostly spin 2 ply and singles, but love to experiment hen I have time (hehehe -- can you box some of THAT up and send it??)
9) What type of blending equipment do you use? my itty-bitty drum carder
10) What type of wheel or spindle do you spin on? I have an antique flax wheel of unknown origin that spins a seriously fine yarn, and a workhorse Louet S17 that does it all and travels well. Most of my spinning is done on the Louie these days
11) What do you do with your handspun yarn? I actually knit with it!
12) What are your interests outside of spinning? I'm a dyer and knitter, I have 2 kiddos, 2 dogs, 4 cats and my beautiful little angora bunny -- who does sort of play into the spinning thing ;)
13) What types of music do you like? lots, mostly popular music, "mainstream" country, 60's, 70's 80's -- you know, a smattering -- I can appreciate artistry in all forms, really, but don't seek it out -- not an efficionado
14) What types of movies do you like? I love me a good drama
15) Do you collect anything? not avidly, but I do have a thing for sheep, llamas, hedgehogs, and frogs
16) What types of candy and snacks do you like and dislike? again -- easy to please. Chocolate ALWAYS works, but I like fruity and nutty things, too. Oh, and CHEESE. I mostly subsist on cheese and crackers.
17) Do you have any food allergies to common "goodies"? (ie: chocolate, nuts, etc.)NONE!

SO thank you, pal of mine. Hope to get to know you better soon!


Manise said...

Whoa- that's some beautiful fiber! Is that new?

Manise said...

You know if I didn't know any better, I'd say the roving looks like your Pomegranate colorway. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaaa! Thanks for the answers. Fiber of the secret sort coming your way.